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Stellar phoenix

The most important thing which we store in our computer is the data. Sometimes because of the virus attacks the data in our computer is corrupted or lost. To get that data back is really a toilsome task. If you have intentionally or accidentally deleted or lost some important files from your computer then it can be a great panic to you. But actually there is nothing to panic about; chances are very high that you can easily recover that deleted or lost files. Nowadays many software’s are available to recover your lost or corrupted data and stellar phoenix is one of them. Stellar phoenix software recovers and restores the data in the original format.

Stellar phoenix recovers data affected due to the following reasons-

1. Partitioned table has got damaged.
2. Your file system has undergone corruption.
3. Sabotage.
4. Drive is not able boot up.
5. Unintentional or accidentally deletion.
6. Drive has been formatted.

Some of the features of the stellar phoenix data recovery software are as follows-

1. Easy to use and install.
2. Recovers files from the corrupted drives.
3. Recovers lost deleted files or folders from windows running pc.
4. Update the software from recent advancements.
5. Recovers from floppy disk, hard drive, DVD, CD and USB storage media.

Stellar phoenix data recovery software is able to recover your lost or corrupted data which you have lost accidentally, shift+delete or if you have empted the recycle bin unintentionally. Stellar phoenix software is capable in recovering those files without loosing or disturbing any other file of that system. Stellar phoenix software has data recovery programs for the following file systems: FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5.

The system requirements for stellar phoenix are very less. It requires a pc with 128 MB of ram and 35 MB free hard disk. It supports all latest operating system like vista/2000/2003/XP. You can easily buy and download the stellar phoenix software by online in a single click.

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